A Brief Intermission


Well there are three more days until summer break and I am busy busy busy. I am moving schools so I have to pack and sort my current office and cart it all back to my apartment. While this is going on, I am finishing up all of the final details for my wedding (25 days!). Due to all of this and then my honeymoon I must take a break from my blog. This Whit is juggling too many balls right now.

I would like to thank everyone for reading and hope that you continue when I return. Regular posting should resume in August 2016. Until then enjoy your summer!


Sneak Peak

I used to L-O-V-E crop tops in my former years. They always felt so daring to wear. For some reason, that bit of skin showing made me feel like such a rebel (hahah). As I got older, I decided that my midriff needed to be underwraps.  The other day I came across this article about how to style a crop top. At first I was a little skeptical….how can you style a crop top to look chic and age-appropriate (aka not like a 17 year old girl)? I was pleasantly  surprised at the variety of new ways to rock this trend. Well it got me thinking…then it got me pinning…and then I headed to Ravelry. Well you see where this is going.

Enter my newest project on the needles Zach’s Bay Crop Top. When I first saw the project picture I knew I had to make it. It was pink and lacy…two of my favorite things. I have gotten the front completed and have just started the back. Things are going well 😊. I did add 6 extra rows to the bottom of the top as I don’t want too much of my stomach showing. I can’t wait to get this project finished for the summer!