Why Can’t We Be a Team?

**Warning this post is a bit of a rant.**

I try to be a happy and positive person, especially at work. I work with a hard population. My students not only have difficulties with learning and language, but many of them also live below the poverty line. Often there are hurdles to overcome. Many of the kids’ families have difficulty with keeping food on the table or a roof over their heads. So working on a “r” sounds seems pretty low on the priority list. Yet, I keep trying with them. Despite what others think, kids are pretty resilient.


Yet, yesterday I was about the throw in the towel. Was it the children? NO! It was the ADULTS. For several weeks now I have been dealing with a variety of situations in which adults have been disrespecting me. Yesterday was when I finally hit my breaking point. What does this disrespect look like? Being disorganized, waltzing into meetings with parents whenever they want, not communicating with me that meetings have been scheduled and/or cancelled,  and thinking that I will complete aspects of THEIR jobs. I have just had enough of people being inconsiderate and thinking as an “I” rather then a “we.” How will we accomplish all we need to when others are only thinking of themselves?

I am just so fed up. I get it we have 5 more weeks left of school. I understand teachers and staff are tired. But I cannot tolerate the impertinence and being treated like my time does not matter. Just because I don’t have a class full of children all day does not mean I am not just as busy as teachers. I come to work every day to try to do my best. I would expect that others would as well. However, after yesterday, I think I am asking too much…


4 thoughts on “Why Can’t We Be a Team?

  1. I know how you feel, over the years I’ve been teaching it’s the adults in teaching that have made me angry or cry. As kids are kids & often don’t know any better, but adults should. I really hate it when other teachers treat you as if you are another kid rather than a work colleague.
    Remember those kids rely on you & you make a very big difference to them, hang on in there

  2. I taught for years, and it was other adults who pushed me over the edge. A lot of the issues were what you said, disrespect and a disregard for my time/energy/resources. (Oh, the stories. Best to not get started…)Luckily the kids are wonderful, and so are most of the parents.

    This is why it is good to knit. 🙂

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