Zip It

Well I took this: 

 And made it into this: 

I am so happy with the result! The yarn is a wool blend that I bought in a yarn shop in Spain over 10 years ago. If I recollect correctly I think I bought a kilo of yarn. 😳  Since it was so long ago I don’t have the yarn details for you. However, the texture is very soft and cuddly. 

To make the pouch, I casted on 50 stitches and knitted in stockinette for about 10 inches. I used the crochet method to apply the beads. The beads are placed every 5 stitches on the front side only. This morning I purchased a zipper and sewed it on using some durable fabric thread. The edges were a little tricky, but strategically placed pins kept me on track. 

1 pouch done and 9 more to go!


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