Knits In Action: Day 4

Knitting with beads is always fun. They are a great addition to accessories such as headbands or shawls. Today I wore my Headband/Wrap Bracelet, which is a free pattern of my creation.  I used the stringing method to add the beads, which calls for you to string all the beads on the yarn prior to knitting.

Coffee is a must in the morning!


Coloring my St. Patrick’s Day page

This week I have been making some small pouches for all my bridesmaids using beads. The pouches will be part of their welcome gifts. Inside I will be placing small beauty products such as lip balm and eye shadow. Here is what I have so far:

I am planning on sewing the seams and attaching a zipper to the top. I made the choice to use the crochet hook method when adding the beads. I think I like this method a little better. Less initial work.

I have 6 more pouches to go. Thank goodness I started early as I am very likely to get distracted by other lovely crafting projects. 107 days till the big day 👰🏾!

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