On the Beach

Like promised I have pictures of my On the Beach sweater by Isabell Kraemer. I am 95% pleased with it. I love the colors and the cut, but the bottom of the sweater was driving me nuts. Essentially, you bind off from stockinette stitch, which naturally wants to roll upward. Ugh!

   I tried to decrease the curling a little during the blocking process, but the wool was not having it.  I work with small children and bend over frequently, therefore, I like my tops to be secure on the bottom. If I kept this curling edge I would be rockin’ a crop top by the end of the day. 😳

   Soooo I frogged the bottom back a row and ended up making a 1×1 rib at the bottom. Result: A Satisfied Knitter.

 I highly suggest this pattern as it is easy to follow, FREE, and the result has a flattering fit. Check out this top-down knit on Ravelry when you get a chance.

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