Valentine Garland

Valentine’s Day is 5 days away. Here is a super easy craft that was taken from this book:


This book is such an antique. It was published in 1966! Despite its age, it is a great source of crafting. Think of it as the original Pinterest haha.


Valentine Garland

Materials: 3 sheets of construction paper (any color you desire), string or yarn , scissors, single hole puncher, sharpie marker

  1. Taking the construction paper and scissors, cut out 3 hearts (small, medium, large).
  2. Use the hole puncher to make a hole at the top and bottom of each heart.
  3. Using your Sharpie, write your Valentine’s Day message.
  4. Make a knot in one end of your string. Put the other end of the string down into the bottom hole of the biggest heart. Pull through. Place the same end of the string up through the hole at the top of the heart and pull through. Continue this with the other two hearts.
  5. Hang your garland and enjoy!



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