Whit’s Super Bowl Guide

Super Bowl 50 is upon us! 🏈 Living in the Bay Area, I have been bombarded with Super Bowl these last few weeks. There are concerts, statues, memorabilia, and tourists all over the city. I am not a huge football fan, but I do love the Super Bowl. It is such a great way to get friends together. Here are my essentials to having a great time during the Super Bowl.

  1. Get your knitting project together. Thought I would leave out crafting? No way! Pick a portable project that is repetitive. You are going to be talking, eating , and watching half time performances. Therefore, pick something you can knit without thinking. I am knitting  Anastasia Socks. They look tricky, but the pattern is pretty easy to follow.  Want something football themed? Check  out my Football Coasters. IMG_1089[1]
  2. Get your snacks together. I love Super Bowl snacks! I try to have a good balance of “junk food” (wings, nachos, pulled pork) and healthier options ( veggies and hummus). This year I am also adding caramel Rice Krispie treats to the snack line up.
  3. Seating. Make sure you have spots for everyone. Whether it is the couch or cute pillows on the ground everyone needs a spot to watch the game.
  4. Have some fun decor! Hey it is a party right? Decor can be as minimal as football played or as elaborate as this: (photo from Princess Pinky Girl)
  5. Libations. Have a variety of adult beverages as well as kiddy ones.
  6. Good company! Super Bowl parties are a great way to gather all sorts of friends you know. Come together and have a good time!

Our local team, the 49ers, are not in the big game so I will be rooting for the Carolina Panthers. I ❤️ Cam Newton!

What are your Super Bowl essentials?

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