You Know…

You know you have a knitting problem when you bring two WIPs to a 3 hr workshop 😳. The fear of not having a project to work on is real! Thankfully, I was over-prepared and I had more than enough knitting for the duration of the workshop. I got to add a couple more stripes to my latest sweater (Pattern- On the Beach):

I also added a couple of rows to this in-between project  (Newborn Socks of my own design)

Nothing is quite done, but I was glad to be able to kill two birds with one stone

✔️fulfilling my professional development

✔️getting some knitting completed

Do you ever fear of being without a project? 


4 thoughts on “You Know…

  1. Oh my gosh, yes! Sometimes I take a project and have another one (or 2) in the car just in case. You know, one with different size needles or a smoother yarn. I have issues with how many balls of yarn I should take too. I mean, what if I run out!!!

    Some of my favorite socks were made in professional development meetings. 🙂

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