WIP Wednesday

Crafting is off to a slow start this year. I am currently trying to finish up two WIPs from 2015. One is the pink Baby Burrito Blanket that I am making for a friend. The baby is due on Thursday so I believe I have just enough time to finish the edging and wash it. The other is a sweater that I have been knitting since October. It was on hold in November due to all of my hat making for the craft show. Thankfully,  I had two weeks off for the holidays so I got quite a bit completed. I am using Veera Valimaki’s Plain and Simple Pullover pattern as a template for a sweater dress. 

The original pattern is  made from the bottom up using light fingering weight yarn. I am using my turquoise alpaca blend from Peru. Remember how I bought 10 skeins for $35? The needles (US Size 2) and yarn have made this a slow going project, however, it is great TV knitting as it is almost completely stockinette. So what did I change?  


  1. I am using US Size 2 needles versus Size 2.5. This was purely due to the fact that I only have Size 2 and the tension with Size 3 needles was a little too loose for my taste.
  2.  I had to bust out some math skills to rework the gauge as I was working a half needle size down. I was aiming for the size Small dimensions listed on the pattern details. I ended up casting on 294 stitches in order for the piece to loosely fit over my thighs and hips.
  3. I used the “eyeball method” (it is very scientific) to figure out where I needed to begin the decreasing for the hip shaping. I decreased every 5 rows until I got to 250 sts. I then decreased 4 more times every 10 rows to add a little waist shaping.

I am following the pattern as is for the shoulders and collar. The original has short sleeves, however, I have enough yarn to make it long sleeved. Check back for my finished object😊


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