Friday Funnies


    Happy Friday!


DIY Disaster

I have been busily working on details for my upcoming wedding. I still have 160ish days, but doing things early is essential to my sanity. Right now I am figuring out what things I want to do myself and what I am leaving up to the professionals. This weekend we attempted to tackle wedding invitations. 

Wedding invitations are EXPENSIVE. I thought $400 would be enough for all the stationary (save the dates, invitations, thank you cards). Well that was so wrong. Invitations have at least 4-5 pieces so the cost added up quickly. After much research, I decided that I would buy a kit from Michael’s and print them myself. I bought 3 kits of these: 

Simple with a touch of shimmer. Perfect right? So Sunday we got to work. We figured out the template, got through the hurdle of formatting, and had our printer in working order. And then…I don’t know what happened. Several trials  and many profanities later this is all I got:

 (Sections have been blurred for privacy) 

Ugh!!!!!! Was this whole thing a waste of time? What was I going to do?

Thankfully, I later found out that I could bring them to a printing shop and get them to print them. Crisis averted (I hope 🙏🏾).

Ever had a DIY project go terribly bad?


Up and Down

Hello all! Sorry for it being quiet around here. I have not been feeling in the blogging mood. Despite my lack of writing, I have been knitting quite a bit. Currently, I am working on two sweaters.

My Plain and Simple Pullover is going well. I finished the first sleeve and started on the second one. I casted on 90 stitches and knitted until a 1/2″ above the elbow. Then I decreased 2 stitches every 10 rows 4 times. After that I knitted a 3×3 rib for 3 1/2″ to finish off the cuff.

A few days ago I started the top down sweater On the Beach. This sweater seems super speedy compared to my sweater above. I am using Cascade 220 Sport and size US 8 needles. My fiancé was a little upset with my color choice as it happens to be the colors of the Seattle Seahawks- rivals of the SF 49ers. Whoops!😳 I didn’t even realize it. Don’t worry I will still wear it…just not during football season.

So what are you working on?


So this weekend was not as productive knitting-wise as I thought it would be. Was I super busy doing fun things every hour of the day? Nope. I was feeling sick. Not super sick, but sick enough…like when you just don’t want to be bothered or have to function aside from breathing. I was attempting to downplay it, but my inner self was like…


I have 4 more hours left of work until I can go home. Can I just shut the lights off and lay on my desk? UGH.


Mmmmm Cake!

Me:”I’m gonna make some cakes tonight.”

Fiancé: “Oooo really? I’m hungry.”

Me:”Ummm you might not want to eat them…”

 (Cascade 220 Sport in Primavera and Blue Velvet.)

Hahaha my poor fiancé will one day learn the lingo. He gifted me a wool winder and umbrella stand for Christmas and I finally got to use it. Yay yarn cakes! 

I don’t know what took me so long to get on board. It use to take me 45 minutes to roll one ball using my two chair method. With the wool winder, I made 5 cakes in 20 minutes. Can’t wait to cast on!