Must Finish Something!

I am suffering from a case of too many WIPs. It is bad. I began with a scarf, then a sweater came along, and then I forgot I needed to make a baby gift, and now I am casting on socks! I think I need an intervention…

I am using Caron Simply Soft to create another Tortilla Baby Blanket for friend’s baby. Since I can only really crochet in a circle this is my go to pattern.  

 Since my skills are limited, I try to change up the stitch sequence a little bit every time. This one is three rows of single crochet stitch and one row of treble crochet stitch.  I used the rest of my pastel multi-colored yarn for the center and the outer edges will be light pink. I am thinking of adding a scalloped edge like this one.   My editing eye is saying the edging might be too much. I guess I will decide when I get closer to the finish line. 

I am also knitting a cable scarf for my fiancé’s aunt for Christmas.  

  This scarf is sloooooowly growing even though this is worsted yarn and I am using size US 10.5 needles. The good news is I probably only need to knit 12 more inches. The bad news…I need to knit 12 more inches😳. The yarn is Caron One Pound in Rose. I would not normally select this yarn, however, someone gave it to me for free and I really liked the color. There is a whole lot of it so a scarf is a great way to get it knitted up. 

My goal is to get the socks and scarf done by the 20th so I can block and wrap them. The new baby is due in early January so I have a few more weeks to crochet away. And the sweater…well we shall see.


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