Halloween Time!

Halloween is 12 days away and the kids at school are getting excited. Since I work with children with language impairments, I like to talk about holidays way in advance. It helps them to have models of sentences and vocabulary ahead of time.  This way they are ready to chat with their classmates  when the holiday rolls around. This week we are focusing on Halloween creatures. Today, we had fun playing the skeleton game.

Ages: Pre-K- 5th grade.

Materials: The skeleton printable, a printer, and a die

How to Play: I changed some of the rules from the site to include elements of sharing and being okay with loosing (a skill that is hard for many of my kids). Basically on the child’s turn he/she rolls the dice and follows the directions sheet (seen below). The first one to make a whole skeleton is the winner!

   Hope you enjoy!🎃

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