How Do You Like Your Directions?

Who likes new projects? I do! I do! Instead of finishing my other 3 WIPs, I started the Cafe au Lait Tam by Kathryn C.  I am using the remaining of my Alpaca wool purchased during my trip to Peru.


I really like this pattern as it gives you a choice of following a chart or written instructions. I may have mentioned this before, but I much prefer written directions when knitting (unless it is color work). My brain processes the letters and numbers way faster than the symbols. This is most likely due to the fact that I am more accustom to reading the written code rather than chart symbols. When I read chart symbols I often am translating the symbols into knitting language in my head ( ” Oh the o means to yarn over!”). To me it is kind of like speaking Spanish (not my native language).  For awhile, I translate from English to Spanish in my head making communication way less efficient. Same with chart symbols. They just slow me down. I guess over time I could become more skilled at this task. However, to be honest, if I have a choice I most likely will pick written instructions over charts.

When knitting, what format of directions do you prefer? 

6 thoughts on “How Do You Like Your Directions?

  1. I quite like to have both. And if there are both, often I switch between the two – usually starting out with the written instructions for the first row, just to get my bearings and then moving on to the chart.

  2. I love this pattern! I can only follow written instructions if they are super easy, otherwise I’ve got to chart the hell out of it.

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