Knitting and Relationships

I think it takes a special kind of significant other to be with an avid knitter. Not only do they have to sacrifice space (so you have somewhere to keep your stash), but they must also deal with random stops at the LYS you just “happen” to pass. Significant others also have to deal with you stopping to analyze every piece of knitwear in the store. And if this person is extra special, he/she might even look at every stall at the craft fair with you sans complaint.

However, there are bound to be times in which he/she might not be as generous with the patience.

Scene: My fiance and I sitting on the couch watching TV:

Fiance: Can you put your knitting away?

Whit: [turns to him with a crazy look in her eyes] WHAT??!?!

Fiance: Put it away… it is bothering me. Plus I can’t snuggle with you.

Whit: I think you want to snuggle too much. Besides we’re watching TV. What am I going to do…just sit here?

At this point he gave me a disdainful glare. Reluctantly I put my knitting on the coffee table. As much as I didn’t want to, when someone asks you for a snuggle you should just do it. If there is anything I have learned it is that compromise is the key to any lasting relationship.

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