Why, why, why?

I swear must be a masochist. It is the only reason to explain why I am using US size 1 needles and fingering weight yarn to knit a baby blanket (Pinwheel Baby Blanket) . Why am I causing my sanity (and hands) such agony? It is all for the love of beautiful yarn. Sweet, sweet, beautiful yarn. Ugh… certify me ridiculous!

But maybe you will see it my way?

 Look at these beautiful purples and blues! I am using Knitted Fever’s Painted Desert Collection in Medium Orchid and Grape Stomping. The center is a wool blend that I had lying around in my stash. I am so ecstatic with how the colors have formed such beautiful stripes that blend together. It really does look like the striated rocks of the southwest landscape.


Painted Desert in Arizona , USA

 And look at those stitches. I love tight stitch work as it looks so polished. With knitting this tight there really isn’t much tension correction that needs to be done when wet blocking.

 *Sigh* this project and I have formed a love/hate relationship. I love watching it unfold, but it is a pain to make it. However, let’s be real… my love of knitting will always outweigh the “suffering.” Haha

9 thoughts on “Why, why, why?

  1. Oh wow! A blanket in a fingering weight is really something! Keep on going – it’s so worth it, looks very beautiful! I love how you the color of yarn and you are right – it looks so much the painted desert!

  2. That is beautiful! The color is fantastic and it will be worth it in the end to have such a nice blanket. You could always think of it this way: at least you aren’t making the blanket for a king size bed.

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