Easy Sliding Knot Bracelet

This morning I woke up and  felt compelled to make something. This is not a novel feeling as we all know I love a good DIY project :).  I recalled that I had pinned several ideas for simple slipknot bracelets on Pinterest. I love this trend of  colorful cord bracelets.  They look so fun to wear.

Sorting through my crafting bin, I was reminded that I had kept this broken cord necklace hoping I would re-purpose it one day. Well the day had come!  I removed all of the knots and beads and cut the cord in half.


Next, I strung my desired beads onto one of the string segments. Then I knotted both ends so the beads would stay in place.


From here I followed this simple tutorial as to how to make the sliding knot closure. I added some of the gold beads to the end to add a little extra sparkle.


Overall, this DIY took about 5 minutes. I am super happy with the way it turned out, and now I have a cute new accessory to wear in the last days of summer.


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