The Never Ending Cone

Remember this beautiful giant wooly cone?

My beautiful wooly giant cone!

It made this sweater… IMG_6095[1]

Well I was left with quite a bit of yarn when I was done. After sitting in my yarn bin for awhile, I decided to take my beautiful peach yarn and make a nice cowl.

So what did I make? This simple lace cowl by Christina Hayes.

IMG_7624[1]                             IMG_7623[1]

This cowl was a breeze to make! The pattern was super easy and since I was using size 8 needles I finished it in 3 days! This pattern is fantastic as a cowl, but I think it would also make a lovely blanket as well. Maybe with some color stripes?

So I thought that this project would finish out the cone, but it DIDN’T! Look what is left:


Best Cone Ever! Guess I better head over to Ravelry to see what I can make 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Never Ending Cone

  1. Beautiful yarn! Such a lovely color! I can never be even with yarn – there is always some left that is usually not enough for anything, but a one glove 🙂

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