Alpaca, Alpaca, Alpaca

Picture it: I am re-entering the USA and the customs officer stops us.

Officer: “Where are you coming from?”

Me: “Peru and Bolivia.”

Officer: ” What was your reason for being there?”

Me: “Tourism”

Officer: ” Did you bring things back? If so what?”

Me: “Ummm gifts for family, yarn…”

Officer: “Okay thank you and welcome back.”

Yep that officer knew what is up. If you are into fiber arts and head to Peru it is pretty impossible to come home without some beautiful fiber in your bags. I managed to control myself and returned with only 700 grams of fiber (aka 14 balls of yarn). 🙂

I bought this lovely teal yarn in a local market. 10 skeins came in the bag and it was $35 for the whole thing! The label claims it is 100% baby alpaca, but I am pretty sure (after a good feel test) that it is an alpaca/ acrylic blend. Yet, who could resist this color and the price!


The yarn is fingering weight so I’m thinking of making a light weight sweater such as Lila Light by Carrie Bostick Hoge.


I also went to an Alpaca Fiber Factory in Cusco, Peru. Here the yarn was more costly ($65 for 10 balls at 50 grams), but certified 100% alpaca yarn. I ended up purchasing 4 balls for a secret project that I am working on. Don’t you love the cobalt blue? The colors really remind me of sea glass.


On the trip, I also finished my Jaywalker socks. Ever make a project that made you say “Meh” afterward? Well this was one of them. It is not like they came our horrible, yet on the other hand I am not screaming with excitement about them.  I should have used a self-striping yarn when making these, however, the yarn store didn’t have any color combinations that I liked. In addition, I ended up not liking the yarn I chose. Typically I like Berroco yarns, but this one (Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine) was super splitty. It made it super tough to knit with after a few frogs.  In any event, I highly suggest “fun” yarn when making this project.

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