Why, why, why?

I swear must be a masochist. It is the only reason to explain why I am using US size 1 needles and fingering weight yarn to knit a baby blanket (Pinwheel Baby Blanket) . Why am I causing my sanity (and hands) such agony? It is all for the love of beautiful yarn. Sweet, sweet, beautiful yarn. Ugh… certify me ridiculous!

But maybe you will see it my way?

 Look at these beautiful purples and blues! I am using Knitted Fever’s Painted Desert Collection in Medium Orchid and Grape Stomping. The center is a wool blend that I had lying around in my stash. I am so ecstatic with how the colors have formed such beautiful stripes that blend together. It really does look like the striated rocks of the southwest landscape.


Painted Desert in Arizona , USA

 And look at those stitches. I love tight stitch work as it looks so polished. With knitting this tight there really isn’t much tension correction that needs to be done when wet blocking.

 *Sigh* this project and I have formed a love/hate relationship. I love watching it unfold, but it is a pain to make it. However, let’s be real… my love of knitting will always outweigh the “suffering.” Haha


Quick Post: Simple Baby Set

Here is the latest off the needles:

Project: Newborn Socks and Flower Headband

Yarn: Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn in Dark Plum; White- stash acrylic yarn

The socks were made using a pattern similar to this one. The only thing I modified is using the Mock Ribbing stitch (from Barbara Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting Patterns) on the heel flap.

 I created the headband by casting on 25 stitches and worked it up in a simple K1,P1 ribbing. Afterward, I sewed the ends together an added the flower. The flower was crocheted with a US F hook (3.75mm) using DK weight yarn.

These little items were so fun and easy to make! What are your favorite/ go-to DIY baby items?

Free Patterns!

I thought I would feel like this today:


However, I woke up to an email from Knit Picks stating: 3 Free Patterns for You! What a way to turn things around! After a click or two, I discovered they have a great selection of free dishcloth patterns for both crochet and knitting. I am not a huge maker of dishcloths, however, a lot of the patterns could be adapted for so many other items (think hats. scarves. cowls, sweaters, blankets, etc.)

Here are some of my favorites:

Checks and Eyelets 

Lydia’s Lily Pad

Some Pig Dishcloth

Granny’s Rainbow Dishcloth

Yay Free Patterns!


Easy Sliding Knot Bracelet

This morning I woke up and  felt compelled to make something. This is not a novel feeling as we all know I love a good DIY project :).  I recalled that I had pinned several ideas for simple slipknot bracelets on Pinterest. I love this trend of  colorful cord bracelets.  They look so fun to wear.

Sorting through my crafting bin, I was reminded that I had kept this broken cord necklace hoping I would re-purpose it one day. Well the day had come!  I removed all of the knots and beads and cut the cord in half.


Next, I strung my desired beads onto one of the string segments. Then I knotted both ends so the beads would stay in place.


From here I followed this simple tutorial as to how to make the sliding knot closure. I added some of the gold beads to the end to add a little extra sparkle.


Overall, this DIY took about 5 minutes. I am super happy with the way it turned out, and now I have a cute new accessory to wear in the last days of summer.


Baby Socks

Baby socks are a great project if you want 1) instant gratification 2) a way to use up some of those leftover yarn bits 3) just love cute little socks. Since I have made quite a few adult socks in the past year, I had about 10 little balls of yarn just lying around. Well I got a little bored last week so here is what happened:


So cute right?!? These are sized for 6-12 months.

Sorry to say  I don’t have the info about the yarn. It was a wool/acrylic blend that has been in my stash for years, which means the label has been long gone. The pattern is from an old book that I had around the house. If you would like a similar pattern check out this one by Kate Atherly. The pattern is beginner friendly, AND since they are mini size it is a lot harder to get SSS (second sock syndrome) as they are done before you know it.

Stay tuned for some more baby socks as these little cuties are flying off my needles.

The Never Ending Cone

Remember this beautiful giant wooly cone?

My beautiful wooly giant cone!

It made this sweater… IMG_6095[1]

Well I was left with quite a bit of yarn when I was done. After sitting in my yarn bin for awhile, I decided to take my beautiful peach yarn and make a nice cowl.

So what did I make? This simple lace cowl by Christina Hayes.

IMG_7624[1]                             IMG_7623[1]

This cowl was a breeze to make! The pattern was super easy and since I was using size 8 needles I finished it in 3 days! This pattern is fantastic as a cowl, but I think it would also make a lovely blanket as well. Maybe with some color stripes?

So I thought that this project would finish out the cone, but it DIDN’T! Look what is left:


Best Cone Ever! Guess I better head over to Ravelry to see what I can make 🙂