Lima, Peru

Lima has been busy busy. Much like Los Angeles, Lima is a sprawling city, which necessitates lots of walking and/or riding in a taxi. There are buses, but taking one when you don’t speak the language well can be a bit intimidating. While in Lima, we primarily explored the neighborhoods of Old Lima and Miraflores. 

Old Lima contained the architecture of ancestors past. Think colonial buildings in bright colors. In Plaza Mayor, we watched the changing of the guards, which was interesting to watch (and free!). The band played music for about 30 minutes and then the procession began. From there we walked to the Church of San Francisco. The inside of this church was very old and very Spanish. Think murals and tiles dated from the 14th century. My favorite part was the Catacombs deep in the basement of the Church. They contained old bones from centuries past. In the evening we headed over to the Magical Water Circuit. I have to say this park was the best 4 Soles (~$1.25) I have spent so far. There was music, fountains, and lights that provided some lovely entertainment.  We felt like little kids running and playing in the interactive fountains.


     In contrast to Old Lima, Miraflores contained many things new. Picture large skyscrapers, commercial centers, and fancy hotels. We strolled along the boardwalk for most of the morning taking in the stunning scenery. The sun even managed to come out for awhile. We walked through the famous Parque del Amor. Here there were fantastic  colorful murals with love quotes. C- Rex really enjoyed the view. For lunch, we stopped at La Mar. This is a famous ceviche restaurant that did not dissapoint. The food and service were outstanding. Best ceviche I have had so far!  With our meal complete, we left the restaurant and took the short walk to the Huaca Pucllana ruins. This old pyramid was constructed by the ancient Limas ( pre- Incas) as a worship and governmental compound. The entire structure was made out of mud bricks. The small museum on-site contained some artifacts including pottery and textiles. We took a guided  tour and walked to the top of the pyramid to take in the view.

            Well Lima it has been amazing! You have made out 1st stop in Peru memorable. ¡ Hasta Luego!

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