Hot Off The Needles

Well the Business Casual socks are done. Check out my Ravelry page for sock details.

To be honest it is not likely that I would make these again. Don’t get me wrong the pattern was well written and detailed. I just like my sock knitting to be relatively easy. The constant cabling made it a little difficult to knit whenever and wherever I happened to be. Imagine me in the car trying to keep track of the dang cable needle. (nightmare!)

IMG_6546 My favorite section of the project were the heel flaps. I was digging the subtle texture contrast created by the slip stitch pattern. It really was a nice addition to the design.

To bind off required the dreaded Kitchener Stitch. The stitch isn’t that horrible, it is my execution of it. I generally make the grafting too loose or it ends up looking sloppy. Check out these toes below. *sigh*

I think I need to set a goal for myself to master this tricky finishing stitch. When done right it makes sock toes look great.  Good thing my next project incorporates Kitchener stitch! Today we are heading out on our 6 week vacation to Martha’s Vineyard, Peru, and Bolivia! I decided to forgo a sweater and make some Jaywalker socks on our adventure. Socks are just so much more portable when you are limited on space. Lucky me I have two chances to perfect the Kitchener!

So dear readers please check back for my progress. Posts may be limited as I don’t know how reliable the internet is in South America. However, feel free to follow my journeys on Instagram (username: fabwhitty)!


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