Baby Feet


Baby feet are so tiny and cute!  When I saw these crochet sandals on Pinterest I immediately thought, “OMG these are soooooo CUTE! Too bad I don’t have a baby” :(. I ended up pinning the pattern to my board and hoped that I could use it in the future.

Well the future has arrived! No I am not with child! However, a friend is, which is a win-win situation. I get to craft something new and the new mommy and baby have a cute new gift.

Whit’s Crochet Baby Sandals

Yarn: Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton in Grey; Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton Fine in Sunshine and Deep Coral

Hook Size: US F/ 3.75mm



I followed the chart to create the sole of the sandal. Since my gauge was a little larger than the pattern I  began the chain with 12 stitches rather than 14 stitches. On the third round I used a double half crochet stitch versus a double crochet stitch. Once I got to the top of the sandal I decided on making two colorful straps -one across the ankle and one over the toes.

I also whipped up this little headband to go with the sandals. It is just 5 stitches across using a double crochet stitch. I then created two little flowers to add a some flair.

I really enjoyed making these sandals. They used a small amount of yarn and were a quick project to complete. I am definitely going to be making a few more pairs. Either I need more babies or one baby is going to have the best crochet sandal collection ever! (Haha)


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