Mixing It Up

Well I am done with one Business Casual sock. This pattern has been a challenge. For me the most complex part of the project has been keeping track of the pattern. Since there are cabling stitches on every row  your mind has to be on alert at all times. My brain was feeling tierd so I didn’t even bind the sock off completely 😕. Currently, I am suffering from SSS (Second Sock Syndrome) so this project is in hibernation.  

 I did manage to start another project. I had some darker rainbow yarn left over from when I went to New Mexico. I wanted to make a scarf, but there was not enough yarn. *sigh*  What is a girl to do? Well make a headband of course!

 My inspiration came from Purl Bee’s Color Tipped Scarf. I love their simple and practical designs that showcase the beauty of yarn. The designers continue to be some of my favorites. I followed the pattern until I had increased to about 25 sts. From that point,  I knitted for several inches with just garter stitch. I then decreased down to 3 sts on the other side.  

The headband came out great. I love wrap headbands as they are perfect for covering up not so great looking hair. This headband also is thick enough to wear over the ears so it can double as a fall/winter accessory. 

Happy Friday! 

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