Lacy Beginnings Scarf

As promised I bring you the pattern for the Lacy Beginnings Scarf. This scarf is all about contrasts. Fine yarn with large knitting needles, light weight yet warm. This scarf is perfect for those days when you need just one more thin layer. Please enjoy the free pattern below.

Lacy Beginnings Scarf

Skills needed: yarn over (yo), knit 2 together decrease (k2tog)

Level: Beginner

Suggested Yarn: 50 grams of wool blend or alpaca blend; Super Fine/ Fingering Weight

Needles: US Size 10.5

IMG_6405 (2)

Cast on 21 sts.

Row 1-4: Knit all sts.

Row 5: S1 purlwise, *yo, k2tog*, repeat from * 9 times.

Row 6-7: Knit all sts.

Row 8: S1 purlwise, *yo, k2tog*, repeat from * 9 times.

Row 9-12: Knit all sts.

Repeat Rows 5-12 to continue pattern. Work pattern until you reach your desired length. End with Row 8.

IMG_6359 (2)

Knit 3 rows, then bind off all sts loosely.

Finishing: Sew in ends. Block the scarf using wet blocking. Make sure to stretch the piece to even out the edges of the scarf.

(The yarn used in this pattern was Premier Yarns Serenity Sock Weight in Burgundy)

IMG_6396 (3)IMG_6393 (3)

This scarf is posted on Ravelry. I would love to see your finished items :).

*Please let me know if you find any errors in  the above pattern.*

10 thoughts on “Lacy Beginnings Scarf

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  2. This looks great – I think I will give it a go! I’m a fairly new knitter, so really all the projects I’ve done have been combinations of garter & stockinette stitch, so I’ve been looking for a simple pattern that will teach me a new (& easy!) type of stitch. I was thinking about making another scarf as I’m about to go travelling for a few weeks and wanted something large but easy to knit on my train journeys. Now just to find the perfect yarn… 🙂

  3. Hi Whit – I’m nearly finished this scarf! I just wanted to ask, did you find it got any longer after you’d blocked it? I’ve never blocked any of my projects so I’m not sure if the blocking will cause it to stretch out more.

    • I am so glad you tried the pattern! Blocking does make the scarf longer (with mine it stretched about 2″ longer). Other materials may have a greater stretch when wet (example: cotton blends). I usually try the piece on my body while stretching it with a light tension downward. This helps me get an idea of the length of the piece post- blocking. Not super mathematical, but it works. Feel free to email if you have other questions: 😊

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