Summer Knitting

If you are anything like me you can’t put those needles down just because it’s hot outside. I generally have  two months off from work in the summer, so that means it is prime knitting time! When I am not traveling, I tend to take on big projects like blankets/afghans or complex sweaters. These projects are perfect as I have hours of free time to relax and knit.

The countdown is officially on- 4 weeks till the end of the school year! My summer plans have been nailed down and I happy to announce that they include a 6 week trip to South America. I am super excited about the trip as I have never been to this region before. However, as most knitters know preparing for traveling can get a little tricky when you factor in your knitting.

70c5f58299cced1fdcc25d7b2c767745I am still in the first phase of trying to find a project to bring on the trip. I am thinking a sweater. For the amount of time we will be on buses and other transportation I don’t think a shawl or socks will last me the entire trip. Buying more yarn for additional projects is appealing (and something I will probably do), however, I will not have steady access to patterns and knitting tools. Therefore, a sweater is ideal as I know it will take me at least a month to complete.

Here are some sweaters I have been eyeing on Ravelry:

Ease– By Alicia Plummer: This looks so comfy and well “easy” to pop on during weekend errands.

BlueSand Cardigan– By La Maison Rililie: Cardigans are a must in San Francisco (aka: the city of layers).

Prairie Fire– By TinCan Knits: I love how the complex lace pattern runs up the front of this piece. It is so pretty.

So many choices and I can only pick one…:(  So if you had to just choose one what would it be?


3 thoughts on “Summer Knitting

  1. Wow, that sounds like an amazing trip! The furthest south I’ve been was Nicaragua. Loved it though! My vote is for Prairie Fire. I love absolutely everything Tin Can Knits has though, so I’m biased, lol.

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