When Knitting Hurts

I have been knitting like crazy for the past week and half. I just can’t seem to put the needles down. The needle sizes I have been primarily using have been very tiny (US size 1). As a result, my hands and finger joints are in some serious pain today. My hands feel like this…

creepy-hands-copialowres I did a little research and found these great hand stretches. I have been doing them periodically throughout the day and it has relieved the pain a teeny tiny bit. However, the cold hard truth is that I most likely need to put down the needles for the next couple of days.  This makes me so sad as I have two really enjoyable WIPs going right now. :(. Ugh! #knittingproblems.

What do you do when crafting gets painful?


5 thoughts on “When Knitting Hurts

  1. As much as I enjoy marathon knitting, I have to stop at the right time. It’s all about moderation. I try to include hand stretches in my daily routine, no matter if my hands hurt or no.

  2. It depends on the project. If I’m on a tight deadline I push through with short breaks through out the day. If it’s something I don’t have to finish I take that as a clue to set it down for a little while. 😉

  3. I usually have one project on larger needles going to move to when my tiny sock needles cramp my style! I like the idea of doing the hand stretches, though. I will definitely try them out. I also have some gloves that I use periodically, mostly in winter months (I live in Alaska) that seem to help my aging arthritic joints! Happy knitting!

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