On Your Mark…Get Stitch…Go!

The trouble with stitch markers is that they disappear faster than you can say…well “stitch marker.” Generally, I use  plastic rings or tiny safety pins. The tiny safety pins are super handy because you can adjust them at any point. Considering I have been making so many socks lately, the open stitch markers have been getting some serious use.

My current tool kit only has two stitch markers  :(. This makes it tough to knit more than one project requiring markers. I figured it was time to add to my supply. Since I love a DIY project, I headed to Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft to stock up on some supplies.

Check out this tutorial for a great how-to guide.


My Tools: chain nose pliers, headpin, toggle clasp, wire cutters

Here are my new stitch markers. Aren’t they cute? I can’t wait to get to knitting with them.


4 thoughts on “On Your Mark…Get Stitch…Go!

  1. Adorable! I’ve been wanting a cute set of stitch markers forever, but handmade ones can be expensive. Thanks for the inspiration for my next DIY project:)

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