More Spring Knitting

I have really been in the spring knitting mood. All I have wanted to make are light, airy, and delicate items. Basically anything that screams “springtime.” My friend’s birthday is coming up so I thought a spring knit would be a perfect gift.  After an assessment of my stash and some internet searching, I landed on lacy scarves. I whipped out my US size 10 1/2 needles and got to work. My friend’s birthday is in a week so I really had to get going.  My fine motor skills took a minute to get use to the size contrast, but boy did my scarf grow.

Whit’s Lacy Beginnings Scarf

photo 1

Sorry for the not so good picture. I was in a rush on my lunch break and needed to get the scarf in the mail. I plan on making another real soon so check back for a future pattern post soon 🙂

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