FO Friday: Delectable Decoupage

I am obsessed with containers. Yes you read that right. I LOVE containers. No matter their size or shape, containers just make me happy.

Some of my best containers have been items that I have upcycled. I am constantly checking the recycling looking for great containers. As a result, my fiance constantly says, “Why are you keeping that?” I just give him a look and think, Gosh it is like you don’t even know me (haha). 

Seriously though… you never know when you might get some inspiration and need a container.


Since my container collection is getting a little out of control, I decided to get to crafting. I surveyed my items and some Brie containers caught my eye. First thought: These would make great gift containers! Here is the first container:

Materials: Brie Cheese Container, Silver Scrapbook Paper, Magazine Photos, Homemade “Mod Podge”IMG_6050[1] IMG_6051[1]

I am happy with the project result. I really like the purple and silver color combination. However, the silver paper looks a little bumpy. I defiantly will work on shaping the paper to look smoother on my next container.

Happy Friday!


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