Let’s Pretend!

Play, especially pretend play, is one of the best ways for  children to learn and develop language. Think about when you use to play house/ teacher/ fireman. You had to follow and give directions, think up new scenarios, and of course have your props ready! I am a huge fan of props during play. For my students who have difficulties talking, props add a visual and physical support to help them participate in play. This week I was feeling inspired by Pirates. I got out some props: a telescope (cardboard tube), a paper map,  and a “Treasure Box” (shoebox filled with shiny objects). Since many of my students love to craft to, we also made some Pirate Hats. They were a big hit and super easy to make.

Whit’s Quick Pirate Hats

Time: 3-5 minutes

Materials:  Skull and Crossbones Template (click here for template), scissors, glue, black foam sheet, string/yarn, single hole puncher (optional)

1) Cut the black foam sheet into the shape of a pirate hat.

photo 4

2) Cut out the skull and crossbones.

3) Glue the skull and crossbones to the black foam sheet.

photo 3

4) Create two holes along the edges of the foam sheet. You can use scissors or a single hole puncher.

photo 2

5) Lace a piece of string or yarn through each hole and knot the end.

photo 5

6) You are ready to tie your hat on and have some fun!

photo 1



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