Head Gear

Most mornings I wake up and say, “How am I gonna control this mane?” I will admit it: I am a lazy when it comes to my hair. I like it as low maintenance as possible. Enter the headband. This one little accessory changed my life about 2.5 years ago. I ❤️ a good headband. They have the ability to jazz up an outfit, contain your mane on a bad hair day, and they can be worn no matter if you are bald or have hair down to the floor. I frequently add to my stash (knitted or not) as I pretty much wear them on a daily basis. Here are the latest ones off my needles.

IMG_5735[1]Cotton Flower Headband made with garter stitch band  and crochet flower. Okay so not for me, but why not start the love early? I made of a bunch of these last year. These are a great spring gift for little girls.

These headbands were inspired by the Hot Mess Headband by Heather Walpole. I choose to use fingering weight yarn (both wool blends) and size 3 needles. For the Rainbow headband,  I added one  more cable to give it a different look. 

 Headbands are a great stash buster and/ or last minute project. Itching to create your own headbands?  Check out my Golden Bow Headband and Headband/Wrap Bracelet  (free patterns) for more inspiration.


6 thoughts on “Head Gear

  1. Thanks for the patterns! My daughter and I both wear headbands and could always use some more! And your hair is so gorgeous, I’m more than a bit jealous!

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