Exploring Baker Beach

When you think beach in San Francisco you better have a hat and jacket packed in your bag. Beaches here are notoriously windy and chilly, which makes it tough for bikini wearing.  However once you get past this, San Francisco beaches have some of the best views in city. They make a great place to spend the afternoon. 


  What did you do this weekend? 


On Your Mark…Get Stitch…Go!

The trouble with stitch markers is that they disappear faster than you can say…well “stitch marker.” Generally, I use ¬†plastic rings or tiny safety pins. The tiny safety pins are super handy because you can adjust them at any point. Considering I have been making so many socks lately, the open stitch markers have been getting some serious use.

My current tool kit only has two stitch markers  :(. This makes it tough to knit more than one project requiring markers. I figured it was time to add to my supply. Since I love a DIY project, I headed to Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft to stock up on some supplies.

Check out this tutorial for a great how-to guide.


My Tools: chain nose pliers, headpin, toggle clasp, wire cutters

Here are my new stitch markers. Aren’t they cute? I can’t wait to get to knitting with them.


More Spring Knitting

I have really been in the spring knitting mood. All I have wanted to make are light, airy, and delicate items. Basically anything that¬†screams “springtime.” My friend’s birthday is coming up so I thought a spring knit would be a perfect gift. ¬†After an assessment of my stash and some internet searching, I landed on lacy scarves. I whipped out my US size 10 1/2 needles and got to work. My friend’s birthday is in a week so I really had to get going. ¬†My¬†fine motor skills took a minute to get use to the size contrast, but boy did my scarf grow.

Whit’s Lacy Beginnings Scarf

photo 1

Sorry for the not so good picture. I was in a rush on my lunch break and needed to get the scarf in the mail. I plan on making another real soon so check back for a future pattern post soon ūüôā

FO: Peach One Way Tee

I have finally gotten around to taking pictures of my new sweater! I must say, this pattern came into my life at the perfect time. The back story: I was feeling a little bummed that I didn’t really get to wear any sweaters this year. The weather has been unseasonably warm (~70 degrees everyday). Since the cold weather decided to skip the Bay Area, I decided that short sleeve sweaters were a must. Boy was I pleased when the¬†Interweave Knits, Spring 2015 issue arrived. The designs this season were awesome! I immediately put 4 of the sweaters in my queue.

The One Way Tee by Debbie O’Neill¬†was a fairly easy knit. There is a lot of stockinette in between the lace panels, which means it was quick knit as well as TV watching friendly. One pattern change I did make was to¬†knit the body in the round. I am glad I did this as it significantly cut down on my finishing time. I mean why weave in more ends than needed? When trying on my finished sweater, I was so pleased with the fit. I mean after all the work I put into creating a swatch,¬†I was a little nervous that my efforts would have a bad result. I think most knitters biggest fear is an ill-fitting garment that took weeks to make.

Here are some pics of my new “baby.” The details of the pattern and process are here on my Ravelry page.

Now that my sweater is complete I have entered the all too familiar cycle of…What next?

FO Friday: Delectable Decoupage

I am obsessed with containers. Yes you read that right. I LOVE containers. No matter their size or shape, containers just make me happy.

Some of my best containers have been items that I have upcycled. I am constantly checking the recycling looking for great containers. As a result, my fiance constantly says, “Why are you keeping that?”¬†I just give him a look and think, Gosh it is like you don’t even know me (haha).¬†

Seriously though… you never know when you might get some inspiration and need a container.


Since my container collection is getting a little out of control, I decided to get to crafting. I surveyed my items and some Brie containers caught my eye. First thought: These would make great gift containers! Here is the first container:

Materials: Brie Cheese Container, Silver Scrapbook Paper, Magazine Photos, Homemade “Mod Podge”IMG_6050[1] IMG_6051[1]

I am happy with the project result. I really like the purple and silver color combination. However, the silver paper looks a little bumpy. I defiantly will work on shaping the paper to look smoother on my next container.

Happy Friday!

Let’s Pretend!

Play, especially pretend play, is one of the best ways for ¬†children to learn and develop language. Think about when you use to play house/ teacher/ fireman. You had to follow and give directions, think up new scenarios, and of course have your props ready! I am a huge fan of props during play. For my students who have difficulties talking, props add a visual and physical support to help them participate in play. This week I was feeling inspired by¬†Pirates. I got out some props:¬†a telescope (cardboard tube), a paper map, ¬†and a “Treasure Box” (shoebox filled with shiny objects). Since many of my students love to craft to, we also made some Pirate Hats. They were a big hit and super easy to make.

Whit’s Quick Pirate Hats

Time: 3-5 minutes

Materials:  Skull and Crossbones Template (click here for template), scissors, glue, black foam sheet, string/yarn, single hole puncher (optional)

1) Cut the black foam sheet into the shape of a pirate hat.

photo 4

2) Cut out the skull and crossbones.

3) Glue the skull and crossbones to the black foam sheet.

photo 3

4) Create two holes along the edges of the foam sheet. You can use scissors or a single hole puncher.

photo 2

5) Lace a piece of string or yarn through each hole and knot the end.

photo 5

6) You are ready to tie your hat on and have some fun!

photo 1