Reactions to Knitting

The Love Knitting Blog  posted a funny article about others reactions to knitting. As someone who knits in public often, I have heard almost all of them. One that I feel should be added to this list is: “Omg! How long does that take you?!?” I get it people are curious. At this point these reactions don’t phase me. Often times I suggest that they take a stab at it. 😉

What are some of your favorite reactions to your knitting?

8 thoughts on “Reactions to Knitting

  1. That was fun, thanks for sharing! I’m a new(ish) knitter so I haven’t gotten any negative reactions. I almost always get “What are you making?”, and it’s often followed by “I’ve thought about learning to knit.” Of course I tell them they should! Then they sit there and watch me knit. It’s…weird.

    • I think there are more positive comments now that knitting is more popular via social media. I love when people see you in the middle of a project and you can see them trying to make a picture in their minds of your finished project 😀

  2. I get the “How long did it take you to make this” comment from men. One even explained that I was wasting my time since I the money I was making/saving by knitting my sock too little to be of value. Since we were in an all-day workshop connected to our job I was able to say, “Well, I made this sock while attending this workshop. What else do you have to show for your time besides your lecture notes?” That worked!

  3. Thanks for sharing, although I must say all the reactions I ever get are very positive. Yes, of course I get people saying I should take orders/knit them a sweater etc, but they mean it as a complement. (Apart from my daughter who actually means it!)

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