Pinterest Fail

Dear Pinterest,

Please modify your search feature. It is quite annoying. Please have it actually search for what you are looking for.  It makes me so mad when I search “knitting” and half the page is filled with crochet projects. Not all fiber arts are the same!


Your loyal user,



4 thoughts on “Pinterest Fail

  1. LOL. I just came across a picture on G+ and the woman was describing a blanket that she knit. It was crochet!! I’m wondering if it was a language barrier or something. I didn’t have the heart to correct though 😔

  2. As someone who loves to knit but can’t crochet a straight row, I know what you mean. If I search for “knitting” patterns, I don’t want “crochet.” I get frustrated when I see a little thumbnail, think the project looks cute, click on it to enlarge and find that it is crocheted, not knitted. Oh, well. At least we know the difference.

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