Sunday Funday

An advantage to living in a major city is the ease of access to a variety of activities. There are always about 5 or 6 events going on each day in San Francisco and the surrounding cities (Berkeley, Oakland).  This morning we woke up, hopped on the bus, and went the de Young Museum.  Set in Golden Gate Park, this fine art museum is housed in a pretty funky looking building. IMG_5567[1]

Once we got into the museum, there was so much to see. It was a serious sensory overload. My eyes were practically rotating out of their sockets looking at all of the pieces. We viewed art from just about every corner of the world (hold your cursor over the pictures to see captions).

The museum also has an observation deck on the 9th floor of the tower. We had a nice 360 degree view of the surrounding areas, however, Karl the Fog was rolling in so our bay view was limited.

There is nothing like getting out an being a tourist in your own city. Often times we get too set in our routines and forget to get out and explore a little. ~ This world is too big to leave unexplored. ~

3 thoughts on “Sunday Funday

  1. This was a nice post! I need to do this more (play a tourist in NY) often! Question for you, how’d you get your pictures to upload this way (and display the caption once you scrolled over the pictures)?

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