Spring Florals

I blame Michael’s Craft Stores. If they didn’t send me multiple emails a week advertising glorious sales then maybe I wouldn’t have this desire to craft excessively (haha). Due to these emails, I headed to Michael’s on Friday to indulge myself a little. I ended up staying out of the yarn section, but did wander into the floral section. Once I walked down the first aisle I knew I was in trouble. The colors of the beautiful spring blooms had me entranced. Pretty spring pastels have that affect on me. 

Why was I in the florals section you ask? Well as I am in the early stages of wedding planning, I am beginning to realize how expensive it is to host a wedding reception. One of the most expensive (and non-essential) items is flowers. A little research on the internet lead me to the possibility of using silk flowers. Since florals were 50% off at Michael’s last week, I decided to take a stab at making an arrangement and see if I liked the look of the silk flowers.

Here is my finished result:

Not too bad huh? 

I used a foam cube, wire cutters, and silk flowers (hydrangea, peonies, roses) to create this piece. I took maybe 20 minutes to cut all of the flowers and arrange them. I love how it adds a bit of spring time to our dining table. After having it in the house for a couple of days, I am still on the fence about using fake flowers at my wedding reception. I think it is the fact that I love real flowers so much that using fake ones feels like I am cheating myself. Good thing I have a year to figure it all out.


What are your feelings about fake florals? Are they a “yay” or a “ney”?

2 thoughts on “Spring Florals

  1. I love, love, love fresh flowers so it’s hard for me to say yay to fake flowers. I helped design and arrange the flowers for the receptions of two of my sisters. We looked for flowers that would be in season on their party dates. Look at the colors rather than a specific flower type. Going with in-season will keep the cost down. We also looked for some floral shops that were a more wholesale or volume type but open to the public. In one arrangement design, we filled them out with fruit. Using cheap fillers and a few spectacular blooms also keeps the cost down but still look lovely. On the other hand, my sister in law carried a silk floral bouquet. She still has it as a keepsake and it looked fine for walking down the aisle. Hope this helps.

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