Did You Know…

Knitting Fact: Until recent history knitting was primarily a men’s occupation. Knitting is thought to have originated amongst Arabian Sailors. 

In many non-western cultures men still primarily do all the knitting. Check out these men in Peru.

I would love if my fiancé would knit with me. Maybe then he wouldn’t comment about my knitting is an addiction. However, I do know one thing… I most certainly wouldn’t share supplies! 😊

3 thoughts on “Did You Know…

  1. Hahaha! Yes, I did know this little knitting tidbit – if I recall correctly, there were professional guilds and women were expressly forbidden to knit at some points in history… How times change! I taught my college boyfriend how to knit many years ago, and one of his first projects (believe it or not) was a fair-isle sweater – and it came out gorgeous! He claimed he understood knitting because he was a math major… *hmmm* He just “got” it. 🙂

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