Finished Object (FO): New Socks

This is the third pair of socks I have made since January. I don’t know what is about socks, but if I start with one pair I end up making 10 pairs. I think I need to learn how to magic loop two socks at once. Why is this? Well look at the picture real carefully and you let me know…

 Did you spot it? The aqua color is most certainly NOT even at the toes. Whoops! That is what I get for not counting rows properly. I could frog one back, but I am kind of too lazy to do it right now.

I knitted these from the Basic Sock pattern from Learn to Knit Socks by Edie Eckman.  The yarn is Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn in Deep Plum and the aqua is an alpaca blend that was in my stash (sorry no yarn info). The pattern is a cuff down pattern with a heel flap construction. I haven’t used this pattern in awhile, and I remembered why. 1) I always cast on too tight and then have to jam my foot in the sock cuff and 2) I hate picking up the stitches around the heel flap.  I  defiantly going to shelf this pattern and look for some more complex socks to make in the future. 

What is your favorite sock pattern to make? 

6 thoughts on “Finished Object (FO): New Socks

  1. About the tight cast-on: if you are using a long tail cast-on put your finger in between the stitches as you cast them on, to space them a bit more apart. Holding the tail yarn double also helps.

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