The Year of the Sheep


Happy Chinese New Year! Since moving to San Francisco I have learned to appreciate the joys of the New Year. There are awesome parades, great food, and a ton of luck to go around. This year is the Year of the Sheep/Ram. To help get my students in the festive mood we have been making these cute Sheep Puppets.


Time: 5-6 Minutes

Ages: Preschool- 3rd grade

Materials: Wooden craft stick, cotton ball, Elmer’s glue, black and white construction paper, white crayon, googly eyes (optional)

GetAttachment (1)

1) Cut out two white circles for the body. Cut out two small strips of black paper for the legs. 2) Glue the legs to the bottom of one white circle. 3) Glue the craft stick in the middle of the white circle.

GetAttachment (2)

4) Glue the other white circle directly on top of the other piece. 5) Cut a small black circle out. Glue it to the white circle.

GetAttachment (3)

6) Glue on the googly eyes if you desire or use the white crayon to draw eyes and a nose.

GetAttachment (4)

7) Pull apart the cotton ball. Glue it to the body of the sheep.

Enjoy your sheep!

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