New Tricks for a Seasoned Knitter

I love learning new tricks to improve/ challange myself as a knitter. My Simple Socks are finished, however, the process was not  that simple. Why you say? Well the pattern utilized three techniques that I was not that familiar with. So before getting my needles going, I had to hit the internet to do a little research.

1)Casting on my sock – Judy’s Magic Cast On: A friend from my weekly knitting group sent me this video and told me it would change my sock making forever. Well it did. A couple of practices and I was making magic! I have to say one sock had a wobbly start, so the tip of the sock needed a few stitches to line it up correctly.

2)Shaping the toe of my sock-  Left and Right Leaning Increases: I like this tutorial on The Daily Skein. It is pretty easy to execute once you get a hang of  where to insert your working needle.

3)Finishing my sock- Super Stretchy Bind-Off: Whenever I make socks toe-up I always run into the issue of a cuff that is too tight. I have really muscular calves as well therefore, a method that gives me the most stretch is best. Enter Jeny’s Super Stretchy Bind Off.  Holy wowzers! I love it. This technique gives some serious stretch at the top of the sock.

Well the end result of my challenge made me a very happy knitter. My new socks look great. I did make the cuff much longer than the pattern called for as I want to wear them with ankle boots. All and all, I think another pair of socks using this pattern is defiantly in my future.

What new techniques have you recently discovered?

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