Wedding Knits

Well if getting engaged is code for “Tell me ALL you wedding day plans right now!” then I am in in full engagement mode (haha).Among the many questions I  have been asked is, ” So what are you knitting for your wedding?” To be honest, I am having some reservations about making things for my wedding day [insert gasp here]. Let explain the reasons why not. 1) I am mostly likely getting married in the summer in the Northeast USA. Therefore, it will be hot. So no shawls, sweaters, or caplets needed. 2) If I have to knit several items (i.e., gifts) I may lose the desire to complete them all with all the other things going on.  3) As for a whole wedding gown: I don’t have the patience to knit or crochet a wedding gown. Knowing myself, if there is one mistake ( no matter how small) I will be fixated on it. it is a lot of pressure to knit a garment that will be photographed and remembered by everyone I know. However, I can’t help but admiring these dresses though.

Well I logged into Ravelry this morning. Guess what some of the featured items were….Wedding Knits. Is this a sign that I should change my mind? A little research later and I discovered the possibilities are endless. There are everything from knit bouquets, to veils, to purses… *sigh* A girl can get overwhelmed with all potential knitting projects.  Good thing I have a year and a half to make a decision. 🙂

Has anyone knitted and/or crocheted items for their wedding day?


5 thoughts on “Wedding Knits

  1. Congratulations on your engagement 🙂 I saw the wedding update on Ravelry today too, those dresses are incredible aren’t they! I got married in July 2013, in the midst of summer so like you I had no need to make a shawl or cover up. However what I did do was make each lady guest a little knitted purse – big enough for a scratchcard which went in them to make up the favours. The good thing about the purses was that because they were small they didn’t take long to do and it was a great chance to try out different stitch patterns along the way. I also crocheted some little lovebirds and roses. You can see the finished items on my Ravelry page Enjoy all the planning, it’s such a special time!

  2. I know the feeling! For my wedding in August I am having to reserve myself on knit projects…and yet, it is so tempting! I decided to craft in other ways (handmade napkins, etc.) to keep my wandering hands busy 😉

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