Finish Object Friday: Football Craft

Sorry all it isn’t a fiber art, but it is a finished object!

Between our Superbowl Party on Sunday and my students’ current love of football, I felt a sports- themed craft was the way to go. My search (“Superbowl crafts”) on Pinterest yielded some cute ideas but this one really caught my eye.


These looked cute, cheap, and easy to make!  I didn’t have any small cans lying around, but I did have some empty coffee tins waiting for the day to be up-cycled.

Whit’s Football Toss Tutorial

Materials: 1 empty coffee can, two flexible drinking straws, masking tape, scissors, a large piece of brown construction paper, a white crayon, mini footballs (I purchased mine at Party City for $0.59 each)

Making the Football Canister

1) Start with a clean and dry coffee canister.

2) Measure the length of the coffee can. Cut a piece of brown paper to the length of the coffee can.

3)Wrap the paper around the can and secure the seam with masking tape.

4) Draw one long vertical line and several shorter horizontal lines to create the football laces. Your “football”is done.

photo 2

Making the Upright Poles

1) Hold your two straws together (parallel to each other) with the flexible joints at the top. Cut about 1.5 inches off the bottom  of the straws. *Do not cut the end that has the flexible joint.*

2) Bend the flexible joints on both straws  so that the two straws look like a capital T. Tape the straws together.

3) Now you will construct the top portion of the upright poles. Place a small piece of straw perpendicular to one end of the top of the T shape. Tape the joint. Repeat on the other side.


4) Tape your upright poles to the back of the can.


Are you ready for some football?! Kids (or adults) can take turns tossing the mini footballs into the container. The person with the most “touchdowns” wins.

Happy Friday!


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