Fun at the Zoo

My friend is about to move to Los Angeles, CA. ūüė¶ I told her to pick one activity here in San Francisco that she would like to do before she leaves. She chose the San Francisco Zoo. So we hopped on the train for a little adventure. The weather was great and I had spectacular company.


Zoos are interesting places. On one hand, animals are intentionally held in captivity and caged. Is it right for Polar Bears  to live in San Francisco?  Yet, zoos provide assistance and rehab to many animals in trouble. Check out this rhino with no horn! Could it defend itself in the wild?

Despite my mixed feelings about the zoo, I really enjoyed my experience. I learned about new animals and got to rediscover classic ones. My top animal of the day…the Anteater. Who knew they were so creepy looking!

Notice my scarf? I finally had a chance to wear my Rainbow Bandana Scarf that I made last year. I almost forgot how much I love the yarn. I think I need some more rainbow variegated yarn in my future.

4 thoughts on “Fun at the Zoo

  1. The scarf compliments your peacock feathers beautifully! I am with you on having mixed feelings about zoos, but with small children, we are at our zoo regularly. Its wonderful to see the zoo staff interact with the animals, and you can see how they are well cared for and loved:)

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