Finished Object Friday: Chunky Plum Cowl

I am changing it up in 2015. From now on I will try to alternate between Friday Funnies and Finished Object (FO) Fridays. It has been tricky for me to keep up with pictures of my knitting. I frequently leave home for work in the dark and then come home to the dark :(. No natural light = crummy pictures.

On a trip to Michael’s, I stumbled upon a new yarn called Paton’s Cobbles Yarn. As per the website,  Patons Cobbles is a  refined “linked” roving yarn that creates a thick-and-thin textured fabric.  When I saw it my thoughts were, ” OOOOOOO that looks fun!” Finding out it was on sale ($6.99 woot woot!), I tossed a couple skeins in my basket.

I had no particular project in mind therefore, I played with a couple of different textures. Due to the yarn already being textures, a simple stitches made it shine the best. Cobbles is a wool/acrylic blend so it is warm, washable, and soft to the touch. The yarn withstood a couple of froggings, which is good if you are a beginner. I ended up using about a skien and a half to knit the cowl on US size 15 needles (circular). The pattern is a simple horizontal ribbing (4 rows knit and 4 rows purl). The whole project took about 2 nights on the couch to complete. Yay bulky yarn!


Patons Cobbles in Frosted Plum

My cowl came out great! I made it really tall to keep me extra warm. I finished this  before Christmas as I thought I would need it for my trip to the East Coast. That darn news had be thinking I was going to be walking into a blizzard.

Guess my geography was a little off as it probably got no lower than 45 or 50 degrees. Oh well… into the bin on knitted items it goes. Maybe this winter I will suck it up and voluntarily venture to a really cold place like Lake Tahoe.


Is going on vacation just so you can wear your knitwear strange? 

5 thoughts on “Finished Object Friday: Chunky Plum Cowl

  1. Beautiful color. I love the bulky yarn too… more immediate gratification! AND… going on vacation so you can wear your knitwear is definitely NOT strange! Enjoy!!!

  2. I love that cowl and it looks about the right drapiness for how cold it gets here. Great color choice! I have a skein of bulky yarn looking for a destiny and that pattern would be perfect!

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