Free Pattern: Baby Vest

2015 is welcoming two new babies (that I know of so far). Both are late winter boys so I needed a pattern that can be worn in spring. I stumbled upon this cute, and FREE, baby vest pattern. Pattern ✅ Now all I need is the yarn…

I Dream of Yarn


What is life worth if one doesn’t dream a little? One dream I have always had is to own a yarn shop. There is something so appealing about a life surrounded by yarn and people who love it. Part of the reason why I started this blog was to challenge myself to learn more about the fiber arts and the community that surrounds it.

Over my vacation, I discovered this article on a blog. It speaks about the difficulty of finding local fiber stores in Detroit, MI. In my mind the financial cost of a physical store must be a deterrent for many who have the dream of owning a shop. Cost of yarn at most physical stores can also be a deterrent for customers as well. For many, shopping online is one of the only choices. Yet, I feel for those knitters/ crocheters who want a physical store. Before buying I love to caress my yarn, speak with the workers at the shop, and generally just go into sensory overload. Online only provides me with such a limited experience.  Well what are the people to do?  Enter: The Yarnover Truck. A yarn shop on wheels?!? ” This is such a genius idea. In the time of the mobile business (think food trucks) this idea has the potential to solve the dilemma of lack of LYSs. Too bad they are located only  in Southern California. Can we say franchise?

Reading about the ladies who started the yarn truck got me thinking. Maybe a static yarn shop isn’t  in my future, but a yarn truck seems like it could become a reality.

Follow the Yellow Line

Use Caution! Slippery When Wet!
Boy they weren’t lying! The boyfriend and I decided to make a stop in Atlanta before heading back to San Francisco. I lived in the metro area many years ago, so it is nice to come back and visit. We (along with my sister and her bf) headed to Stone Mountain Park late in afternoon. The park is really pretty and has a vast number of activities to do, such as play in fake snow and ride a sky tram. We only hiked up the Walk up Trail to take in the view. Essentially, you are walking on smooth rock the whole time. Since it was raining the night before, there was water running off everywhere.

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/4d1/50267138/files/2014/12/img_4913.jpg This made for interesting walking conditions. The trail isn’t that long (2.5 miles round trip?), however, we had to walk super slow due to slick conditions.


Despite our caution, 3 out of 4 of us ended up on our butts at some point😳. However, we made it to the top. Cue victory music!





Happy Monday everyone!

Handmade Hats

I hope that you had a great Christmas holiday. I know I did. Nothing like mom’s cooking, hanging by the fake fire, and watching Christmas movies. This year I gave all the men handmade hats. I tried to match the hats to their personal styles.

Dad got a beanie will call “Stacks.” It is a series of ribbing that changes direction every 10 rows. I made it using an acrylic blend I found in my stash.


Boyfriend was the recipient of a basic stockinette beanie made from another ball I found in my stash (wool/acrylic blend). I think once upon a time I was trying to use the yarn to make a sweater with this yarn.  I had started a back panel, but I abandoned it awhile ago. The boyfriend was very happy, as this is the first hat I have made him.


M (my sister’s boyfriend) is now the proud owner of Graham. I used Lion Brand Heartland in King’s Canyon. I L-O-V-E this pattern. My favorite stitches tend to be simple texture patterns such as Graham’s broken rib. I am already trying to think of a way to incorporate this stitch into a future project (scarf? Pullover sweater?).


Hats are such a quick and satisfying project to make for the holidays. They are super practical and the recipient(s) is/are always so amazed by the love that went into their gift.

What Christmas knits/crochet projects did your family/friends receive this year?

Christmas Keepsakes

My mother keeps everything: old report cards, 30 year old tricycles, baby clothes…etc. As much as we try to get her to purge, there is just some stuff you have to keep forever. One of those being handmade Christmas ornaments. Over the years, my mother has acquired so many ornaments that she has two trees. One is the “adult tree” and the other is the “children’s tree.” Looking at the ornaments, I was amazed how long they have lasted. Most of the ornaments were made in the 80s and are still going strong. I don’t know if it their limited use or serious adhesive, but at this rate my kids will have them on their trees.





What Christmas keepsakes do you hold on to?