NaKniSweMo 2014: Update

I have been kind of slacking off on posting pictures of my progress for #NaKniSweMo2014. Since it has been getting darker earlier at night it is hard to snap flattering pics of my progress. Today one of my clients cancelled so I attempted to take some quick pics before my next client.

So far I have gotten some good progress. I finished the body of the sweater and have moved on to the right sleeve. I have to say this is a great knit for when you have to pay attention to other things such as lectures or awesome TV shows (Scandal anyone?). Most of the sweater is long rows of stockinette stitch, especially when you get to the sleeves. As you can see I am extending the sleeves so that they are not 3/4 like the pattern states. I really love that the author (Andi Sutterland) notes in the pattern where it would be best to make custom touches.

Well I have 10 days left to get 1 1/4 sleeves done and the button bands. Good thing I have all of next week off!



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