Progress is Happening

I completed quite a bit of my Minette sweater for #Nakniswemo2014 this past weekend. However, the work week has hit and my progress has slowed. Good thing I have 27 more days left! I am really enjoying this pattern. It is a top down cardigan with just the right amount of detail around the neck and button panel. It wasn’t until the last year that I had made a sweater from the top down and  I have to say I prefer it.  Since I have a short torso,  I can hold my project up to myself and determine proportions a lot better from the neckline than the waistline.

I also am pleased with the yarn choice. I have worked with Cascade 220 in the past and was not a fan of the roughness on my fingers. It is a relief to not be having that issue with this project. Nothing is worse than rough yarn sliding through your fingers.

I also started one of the many Christmas gifts I need to make. I am creating a cowl using my leftover Rowan Softknit Cotton from my Flax Sweater. Isn’t this diagonal herringbone pattern awesome?  Since the yarn is such a neutral color, I really feel the cowl needs some texture to jazz it up.


Check this pattern out on Ravelry!

So what are  you working on?

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