Can’t Put It Down


Ever get into such a knitting fervor that you can’t put your project down? Like you are so determined to get to the end of a project you will forgo going to the bathroom, nourishing your body, or doing any of those other things on your never ending “to do list?” That is how I felt yesterday. I was in the groove. . This project was suppose to serve as an in between project as I waited for my new sweater yarn to arrive. Yet, that more and more I knitted the more I got into what was developing. Part of the excitement is that I saw a project on Pinterest and I couldn’t find a pattern for it. So I decided to trial and error it and see what happened. Well lucky for me great things happened and it is looking good. I also am using size 13 needles and super bulky yarn so it is a quick knit.

Well the downer is today is Monday and I have to work. No more focusing on my fiber for 8 straight hours. Allegedly, I have to make an impact on the young minds of the future (haha). I don’t know how well that will go.  All I can think about is  my lunch break  so that I can pick up my needles and bang out another 3-4 rows. Is this bad? Do I need some sort of intervention? I am feeling the Monday blues and only knitting will cure them.


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