Choosing a Sweater Pattern


6:00 pm last night:

I am at a standstill in terms of a knitting project. I just can’t make a choice. The positive is that I have widdled it down to …SWEATER! The negative is that I have about 5 patterns in my queue (not that bad right?). How is a girl to decide? Is there an app for this?

7:30 AM the next day:
After mulling this over I created a little rubric to knock out some of the choices. First I will present you with my queue options (all patterns are located on Ravelry):
1) Eyelet yoke sweater by Courtney Spainhower
2) Pixelated Pullover by Jennifer Beaumont
3) Elsie by Deb Hoss
4) Miette by Andi Satterlund
5) On the beach by Isabell Kraemer

My Pattern Selection Rubric:
1) Time it will take: Let’s be real, I am starting the sweater making a little late (it’s mid-October already?!). In saying this I can’t pick a project that is going to take months and months. At the rate I have been knitting lately I will be luck if I finish by December.  That knocks out things that require lots of seam sewing, tons of cable or lace sections, patterns where I will have to recalculate quite a bit, and anything that has an intended yarn weight under DK.
Pattern (s) Knocked out: On the beach– It requires sport weight and too much math  and Elsie– knocked out just for now. There looks like a lot of sewing involved

2) How often will I wear it?: After working many hours on something I want to be able to get some serious wear out of it. This being said a simple pullover or cardigan would be my best bet for right now. This way I can wear it with several pieces of my wardrobe.
Pattern (s) Knocked out: Pixelated Pullover– I LOVE this sweater, but I could only wear this every so often (aka not a staple wardrobe piece).

3) Fit: I have a atypical body shape. I am super petite (under 5′) with a short torso and a muscular build. Therefore, I really don’t like to pick patterns that are boxy or drapey.

Pattern(s) Knocked out: None. All the remaining patterns seem like I can adjust if needed.

So it is down to two Miette and Eyelet Yoke Sweater. Maybe I can just use Eney, Meeny, Miney, Moe…

How do you choose patterns to make?

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