Down to the Wire

I love Halloween! However, this year I can’t made a solid decision about my costume. I generally like to DIY it, so I headed to Pinterest to gain some inspiration.

These gems had me cracking up. Enjoy!


This baby is soooooo cute!

Paula does love her butter!

Paula does love her butter!

I wonder if his beard is real?

I wonder if his beard is real?

She's going to be looking for awhile...

She’s going to be looking for awhile…

So funny, yet I bet horrible to wear in a crowd.

So funny, yet I bet horrible to wear in a crowd.

This is super creepy...

This is super creepy…

Have you seen any hilarious costumes this year?


Let the Sweater Making Commence!

I have made the decision to partake in National Knit a Sweater Month (nakniswemo) this year. The pattern has been chosen, the yarn bought, and the skiens rolled! What are the rules you say? Well check them out here on Ravelry. One of the biggest rules is that your sweater must be 50,000 stictches. Nope you didn’t read that wrong. I am pretty sure my chosen sweater (Minette by Andi Sutterland) will make the cut. I should note that I plan on making the sweater an inch or two longer so that it will sit at my hips. I can’t wait to get started, but another rule is the kickoff needs to be November 1st. The anticipation is killing me! I already created a swatch so that I can get right into on Saturday. What yarn you say!? I selected Persimmon, which is a Cascade 220 superwash wool in DK weight. The perfect fall color. Check back for more progress!


Weekend Wrap Up

San Francisco is consumed by World Series Fever. You can’t really turn anywhere without seeing people rocking their black and orange. Even City Hall is rooting for the Giants!

To escape the baseball mania, we headed up to the Marin Headlands to Tennessee Cove. The hike to the Cove was fairly flat, but we defiantly had to compete with the wind. At points hats were flying off due to the high gusts. Check out how far the water came up on the beach.


One of the things I love about San Francisco is that nature is fairly close to home. These cliffs are only about a 30 minute drive from downtown.



How was your weekend?

Can’t Put It Down


Ever get into such a knitting fervor that you can’t put your project down? Like you are so determined to get to the end of a project you will forgo going to the bathroom, nourishing your body, or doing any of those other things on your never ending “to do list?” That is how I felt yesterday. I was in the groove. . This project was suppose to serve as an in between project as I waited for my new sweater yarn to arrive. Yet, that more and more I knitted the more I got into what was developing. Part of the excitement is that I saw a project on Pinterest and I couldn’t find a pattern for it. So I decided to trial and error it and see what happened. Well lucky for me great things happened and it is looking good. I also am using size 13 needles and super bulky yarn so it is a quick knit.

Well the downer is today is Monday and I have to work. No more focusing on my fiber for 8 straight hours. Allegedly, I have to make an impact on the young minds of the future (haha). I don’t know how well that will go.  All I can think about is  my lunch break  so that I can pick up my needles and bang out another 3-4 rows. Is this bad? Do I need some sort of intervention? I am feeling the Monday blues and only knitting will cure them.